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  1. The cats whisker

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    Hi and welcome to www. A1troutflies blog.

    The cats whisker lure

     The cats whisker was invented /created by mr David train in the 1980s, it is one of the most succesful patterns to fish due to its movement in the water ,constructed with  flowing marabou tail and wing  and chain bead eyes to make it sink quickly it can be made to shimmer and dart about like a real minnow.many variouse methods of retrieve can be used but the one i personally favour the most is to just cast out let the lure sink ,then give a slow pull of about an arm's length  [this will make the fly rise up in the water]  leave it alone for a few seconds to let it sink back down , then continue with another pull. strikes can be either gentle or hard-hitting so be sure that you are always in contact with the fly.

    The original colour was white marabou with a green body ,and i still find this the most popular colour combination used ,however here at WWW.A1 TROUTFLIES we offer a selection of various combinations for you to try .

    candy cat

     The candy cat


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