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    The Zonker

    Dan Byford created the Zonker, The fly was an instant success and has become a 'must have pattern' for still water fishing. It can a deadly Attractor Pattern and an exciting bait fish imitator as it  Stimulates and triggers explosive takes from large predatory Trout; it also works as well in  rivers and lakes as it does in Stillwater fisheries and is most productive during the winter months.

    The movement of rabbit hair is extremely attractive to large predatory fish so watch out as the takes can be very savage,

    Try to mimic the movement like small fish swim. But vary the retrieve from slow and steady, fast, strip-and-pause, or quick, short two-inch strips until you find what works best to induce a take.

    The Zonker now comes in many different colours shapes styles and patterns but in general they all are aimed at the same purpose and that is to induce takes

    To view some of these patterns then have a look at  www.a1


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