About us

HI,welcome to a little introduction about a1 troutflies.
After I started fishing at about nine years old in the local pond  ,my passion began and still continues to this day.

somehow I ended up tying flies [ as most of us do],and the love fly tying began. A friend of mine asked me to tie him up a few buzzers and everything just snowballed from there. 

After having to close my butchers shop due to ill health i now devote all my time to my  online fly shop .

I have a couple of suppliers who keep me topped up with the basics, but most of the latest and more modern patterns I tend to make myself.

The flies I sell are mainly aimed at UK Stillwater's,lakes and rivers. The shop inventory covers everything from small buzzers all the way up to large lures such as humungus and zonkers.

many thanks and tight lines.